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Royal Bath & West Show




 Female Kid 8 weeks to 12 months (7)

1st:           Mrs  L Coward                      Redham Mable

2nd:          Mrs S Davies                        Millview Erica

3rd:           Mrs A George                       Sunnydene Amber


Male Kid 8 weeks to 12 months (4)

1st            Mrs S Davies                        Millview Elliot

2nd           Hunt Family                          Chewvalley Rio

3rd            Mr & Mrs J Camfield               Camborn Sunny


Goatling  1 to 2 years (9)    

1st:           Mr & Mrs M McHale                Romac Lux            

2nd:          Ms A George                         Sunnydene Sparkle

3rd:           Mrs  J Clarke                         Dowgas Daisy


Adult Female 2 to 6 years (15)

1st:           Mrs J Clarke                          Dowgas Dixie

2nd:          Mr & Mrs M McHale                 Romac Lollypop

3rd:           Mr & Mrs M McHale                 Marshview Lillith


Veteran Female 7 years and over (4)

1st:           Mrs J Clarke                          Solomons Barley

2nd           Mr & Mrs A Camfield               Camborn Penny

3rd            Mr & Mrs A Camfield              Camborn Pixie


Dam and Progeny (6)

1st:           Mr & Mrs M McHale                Marshview Lillith & Romac Lollypop              

2nd:          Mrs J Clarke                          Dowgas Dixie & Dowgas Daisy

3rd:           Mrs L Coward                       Camborn Mary & Redham Mable


Wether  8 weeks and over (10)

1st:           Germany/Wigzel                   Maesgwyn Hedd     

2nd           Mrs S Davies                        Meadowside Alfie

3rd            Wigzel Family                      Panda - Duke of Nettleford


Pet Female. 8 Weeks and over - not eligible for registration in PGC Herd Book.(5)

1st:           Mr & Mrs A Camfield             Camborn Amber   

2nd           Heather Family                     Chewvalley Oreo

3rd            Wigzel Family                       Nettleford Buffy                     


Junior Handler  (5)

1st:           Libby  Alvis             

2nd:          Aaron Heather       

3rd:           Theo Alvis          


Novice Handler

1st            Elliot Alvis


Best In Show:                       DOWGAS DIXIE                       Mrs J Clarke

Reserve Best in Show:       ROMAC LOLLYPOP                   Mr & Mrs M McHale

Best Pet:                               MAESGWYN HEDD                   Germany/Wigzel                                            


Reserve Best Pet:                CAMBORN AMBER                    Mr & Mrs A Camfield

Junior Handler:                   LIBBY ALVIS


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