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Cheshire County Show


                                                        Cheshire County Show
                                     Wednesday 2nd June 2011
                                     Judge:- Mrs Dreda Randall



class 540  Female Kid         13 entries


1st    Alwena Ethnie             L & F Mullins

2nd   Mithral Delphi              B Smith

3rd   Alwena Iola                  R & W Kinsey


class 541  Goatling            10 entries


1st    Birkrigg Petite           F Mullin

2nd   Mithral Aphrodite       B Smith

3rd    Birkrigg Chestnut       F Mullin


class 542a  Adult Female 15 entries


1st   Foxearth Ffion           R & W Kinsey

2nd  Foxearth Chardonnay  F Mullin

3rd  Cogshalls Zeta          G & E Weardon


class 542b Adult Female


1st   Birkrigg Sweetpea     F Mullin

2nd  Mithral Juno              B Smith

3rd  Alwena Glesni            R & W Kinsey


class 543 Veteran            1 entry


1st    Cragfell Plumstone  V Cook & N Darcy


class 544  Male Kid             7 entries


1st    Mithral Arthur          B Smith

2nd   Awena Haydn           R & W Kinsey

3rd   Calderbank Willi-i-am  G & E Weardon


class 545 Buckling         3 entries


1st    Birkrigg Mercury     F Mullin

2nd   Solomons Koakton  V Cook & N Darcy

3rd    Oakton Zulu          V Cook & N Darcy


class 546  Adult Male      4 entries


1st    Mountcross Honeyboy   R & W Kinsey

2nd   Oakton Stan               V Cook & N Darcy

3rd   Alwena Gwyn              R & W Kinsey   


class 547    Dam & Offspring   7 entries


1st   Birkgrigg Sweetpea        F Mullin

2nd  Mithral Juno                  B Smith

3rd   Alwena Glesni               R & W Kinsey


class 548   Sire & Progeny  2 entries


1st   Mountcross Honeyboy     R & W Kinsey

2nd  Solomons  Koakton         V Cook & N Darcy


class 549   Wether        3 entries


1st    Alwena Morgan          R & W Kinsey

2nd   Alwena Bedo              L & F Mullins

3rd   Alwena Bryn                L & F Mullins


class 550 Pet Females      2 entries


1st   Foxearth Megan        R & W Kinsey

2nd Westview Poppytoo    J Hampton



Best Kid                                Mithral Arthur

Best Adult Female                  Foxearth Ffion

Best Male                              Mountcross Honeyboy


Best in Show                         Mountcross Honeyboy

Reserve Best in Show             Foxearth Ffion            

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