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Pembrokeshire County Show


Pembrokeshire County Show

18th August 2011 

Judge: Dreda Randall




Female Kid (13 entries)

1st Maesgwyn Hawys  P Mercer, 2nd Richmor Sky  R&R Morris,

3rd Richmor Isobell  R&R Morris


Goatling (8 entries)

1st Maesgwyn Heulwen  P Mercer, 2nd Threeacre Zenty  J Thomas’

3rd Camborn Mia  J&A Camfield


Adult Female (15 entries)

1st Richmor Tallulah  R&R Morris, 2nd Mandalay Heidi  P Mercer,

3rd Maesgwyn Heledd  P Mercer


Veteran Female (5 entries)

1st Threeacre Lucy  J Thomas, 2nd Camborn Pixie  J&A Camfield,

3rd Camborn Sooty  G&S Slaughter


Male Kid (4 entries)

1st Celtic Mr Galaxy  E Davies, 2nd Celtic Mr Cadbury  E Davies


Dam & Offspring (7 entries)

1st Mandalay Heidi  P Mercer, 2nd Camborn Sooty  G&S Slaughter,

3rd Camborn Lelia  J&A Camfield




Pet Female (2 entries)

1st Camborn Amber  J&A Camfield,


Wether under 1 year (3 entries)

1st Camborn Sunny  J&A Camfield, 2nd Camborn Rusty  J&A Camfield


Wether over 1 year (9 entries)

1st Brynelfed Truffles  M Tough 2nd Maesgwyn Hezekiah  L Hunt,

3rd Camborn Patches  C Tough

    Reserve Best Pet                    Best Pet


Young Handler (5 entries)

1st Megan Morris,  2nd Ella Haf Jenkins,  3rd Sarah Slaughter


Best Pet: Brynelfed Truffles    Res.Best Pet: Camborn Amber


BIS: Richmor Tallulah              RBIS: Mandalay Heidi

    Reserve B.I.S                      Best-in-Show


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